Cinema Capitol Gallery

Pandemic Art Show

‘What have you created during this historic event?’

Since the beginning of time, artists have been influenced by the world around them. Many societal factors can impact if, what or how an artist decides to create.

As we eclipse more than a year of COVID-19, we wanted to showcase what local artists have made during this time.

Most focused on improving their craft.

Many artists tried a new medium or style. 

Some struggled to create, while others thrived.

The pandemic has effected us all, as artists and as an organization, in different ways-but ultimately we are proud to exhibit artwork again. We hope that these pieces provide you with some insight into the lives of local artists and maybe some optimism for the future.

Join us for a show closing reception on April 30th from 5-7 pm!

For your viewing pleasure…

Artwork exhibited by RAA members (R) and students (S) will have a symbol to denote their status.

This show can also be seen in person at the Cinema Capitol Gallery, located at 230 W Dominick St. in Rome. Visit for hours.

For more information or purchasing inquiries, please contact the Rome Art Association at

Participating artists can pick up their artwork at the end of the reception on April 30th or on May 1st from 12-2 pm.

Thank you for supporting local art.

A promo video of the show!
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