Cinema Capitol Gallery

Sheila Feldman‘s “New Hope”

Solo Exhibition on display through February 26th, 2021

“My husband inspired the title for my show because I wanted to reflect some positive inspiration for the new year.
‘New Hope’ is about springtime, warm weather, the smell of lilacs, going to the movies, a kayak ride through the lily pads, or even planting flowers around the house.
My inspiration comes from my personal life, my family and my friends.”

“Fall Time” Oil 16″x 20″ $200
“Toy in the Attic” Oil 8″x10″ $80
“Yellow Daisy” Oil 16″x20″ $300
“Cat Nap” Oil 16″x20″ $200
“Lotus Flower” Oil 8″x10″ $80
“Geraniums and White Vase” Oil 16″x20″ $100
“Roses” Oil 16″x20″ $300
“Wine and Grapes” Oil 8″x10″ $80
“Spring Chicken” Oil 11″x14″ $150
“Watermelon and Grapes” Oil 8″x10″ $60
“Spring Flowers” Oil 16″x20″ $300
“Pansies in Vase” Oil 8″x10″ $80
“Fruits and Bowl” Oil 11″x14″ $150
“Christmas Gift” Oil 11″x14″ $150
“Country Still Life” Oil 18″x24″ $300
“Ciesta” Oil 8″x10″ NFS
“Oriental Vase” Oil 14″x18″ $250
“Wine and Chicken” Oil 11″x14″ $150
“Snapdragon in Vase” Oil 8″x10″ $80
“Geraniums and Watering Can” Oil 16″x20″ $300
“Art and Theater” Oil 16″x20″ $200
“Jasmine in Vase” Oil 11″x14″ $150
“Mom’s Flowers” Oil 16″x20″ $300
“Lilacs” Oil 8″x10″ $80

Sheila’s show can be seen in-person at the Cinema Capitol Gallery, located at 230 W Dominick St. in Rome. Visit for movie times and regular hours.

For more information or purchasing inquiries, please contact the Rome Art Association at

Thank you for supporting local art.

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